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Our Services

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Business Coaching

Would you like to work with business coaches that have also been successful CEOs and MDs? We help ambitious business owners like you, to grow and improve their businesses fast.


We know what it takes to be successful in business and can help unlock your growth potential with a customised business coaching program.

We offer 3, 6 and 12 month customised coaching packages, structured to achieve your goals.

After completing an intake business diagnostic, we will identify areas of strength, and areas of development, which will be the focus of your personalised business coaching development program.

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Executive Coaching

We have been CEOs & MDs. We have successfully climbed the corporate ladder. We know what it takes and we can help you achieve your career goals.


We can help unlock your growth potential with a customised coaching program aligned to your specific career goals or development objectives.

We offer 3, 6 and 12 month customised coaching packages, structured to achieve your goals.

We support executives, just like you, to be their absolute best. We do this through a tailored executive coaching program, specifically designed to achieve career goals through increased leadership effectiveness and team performance.

How to grow your business

Business Improvement & Growth

Do you want to improve efficiency, profitability and productivity?


We are business improvement specialists.


We have a strong track record in helping clients to become more efficient and increase their profit margin.

We can deploy a team for a BI project, or work alongside you as an advisor or coach to help grow and improve your business.

We help clients, large and small, on a daily basis to improve their operations through more effective management operating systems, process re-engineering, cost control, leadership development and implementation of digital business strategies.

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Digital Business Transformation

Do you want to streamline your business, automate processes and eliminate low value and repetitive work?


We can help you transform your business operations with cost-effective digital and cloud-based systems and processes.

We can deploy a project team, or work alongside you as an advisor or coach to implement new digital systems & processes.

We help clients to become paperless, digital and efficient businesses by implementing digital systems & processes, ie:

  • ERPs (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems

  • workflow management automation

  • procurement, resourcing, scheduling

  • accounting, bookkeeping, invoicing

  • social media automation

  • customer relationship management, etc.

project management & change management

Project & Change Management

Deliver successful projects in collaboration with your people by supporting them individually through the change process.


Unlock the pathway to success through effective and collaborative project management and change management.

We work alongside you and your team, to plan and implement projects and change management plans. 

Change management is about taking care of the 'people side of the change' and it significantly supports project success. We are experienced and qualified change managers and project managers and can help you drive the success of critical projects, with your people.


We can tailor a package of work for you. 

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Strategy & Business Planning

We work with clients to define and communicate their unique position and determine how organisational resources, skills and competencies should be combined to create competitive advantage and achieve long-term business goals.

We can deploy a project team, or work alongside you as an advisor or coach to create or review your strategy & business plan.

We have a strong track record of working with large and small clients across a broad range of sectors to help them define their vision, mission and overall strategy to achieve their future business goals.  

The breadth of our strategy and business planning services include all levels of strategy research, design, development, implementation, management, KPI setting and performance reporting. 

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Board Governance
& Performance

Business Agility provides expert consulting services in board governance reviews, skills development and advice. 


The level of scrutiny that is now applied to Directors on Board has heightened due to a spate of recent corporate failures and related media scandals. 

Talk with us about how we can assist your Board to review governance and align strategic intent with Board competencies.

We assist organisations with:

  • governance responsibilities

  • strategic planning and strategic direction

  • Board performance evaluation related to governance, risk, culture and strategy

  • development of Board governance charters and committee charters

  • advice regarding Board composition and membership in alignment with strategy and required skills.

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