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Board Governance Review Checklist

Preview our downloadable NFP Board Governance Review Checklist below:  

The Board of Directors ('the Board') are responsible for the overall governance, management and strategic direction of an organisation and for delivering accountable corporate performance in accordance with an organisation’s goals and objectives. 

The level of scrutiny that is now applied to Directors on Boards has heightened due to a spate of recent corporate failures and related media scandals. Directors are responsible to ensure that appropriate and effective governance is applied.  

Our governance review checklist has been created so that NFP Boards can quickly assess the adequacy of their governance practices in place in comparison to best practice, as defined by the Australian Institute of Company Directors 'Not-for-profit Governance Principles.'

Board Governance Review Checklist Principles:

1. Purpose & strategy
2. Roles & responsibilities
3. Board composition
4. Board effectiveness
5. Risk management
6. Performance

7. Transparency & accountability

8. Stakeholder engagement

9. Conduct & compliance

10. Culture. 

We gratefully acknowledge the work of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and the publication 'Not-for-Profit Governance Principles,' upon which this checklist is based.

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