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Strategy & Business Planning

We work with clients to define and communicate their unique position and determine how organisational resources, skills and competencies should be combined to create competitive advantage and achieve long-term business goals.

We have a strong track record of working with large and small clients across a broad range of sectors to help them define their vision, mission and overall strategy to achieve their future business goals.  

The breadth of our strategy and business planning services include all levels of strategy research, design, development, implementation, management and performance reporting.

Through collaborative facilitation, we support clients to:

  • understand your current strategic position (ie: the environment, their capabilities, SWOT, etc) 

  • explore strategic choices (at the corporate strategy, business unit strategy and team strategy levels)

  • determine bases of competitive advantage, plan how to sustain competitive advantage and define a game plan to win in business long-term

  • define methods of strategic growth, (ie: protect and build on current position, new product development, market development, diversification, strategic alliances, etc)

  • design new operating models, business models and service models

  • organising for strategic success (ie: design new organisational structures, identify competencies)

  • enabling strategic success (ie: people strategies, cultural change strategies, change management strategies, digital transformation strategies, financial strategies, resource management, etc)

  • change management strategies (read more on our change management & project management page and in our blog)

  • develop marketing strategies (leverage brand recognition, identify new target markets, new product development, market development, understand customer demographics, psychographics, etc)

  • create strategic roadmaps, integrated business plans and operational plans to translate strategy into action on a quarter by quarter and year by year basis.

​We also work with clients to:

  • Innovate and design new products and services using design thinking methodologies

  • Review their existing strategy, define new strategic intent or direction

  • Review existing operating models and consider new service models and revenue sources 

  • Review existing organisational structures, skills and competencies and align to new strategic direction with supporting operating or service models

  • Create fundraising strategies and identify potential fundraising platforms, entity structures and approaches for JVs, NFPs, PBIs, social enterprises and charities

  • Identify potential capital investment options and conduct commercial modelling to support strategic options and business plans

  • Leverage brand recognition and organisational positioning with strategic marketing strategies.

Contact us for a chat about how we can work with you to define or review your growth strategy.

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