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Onwards & Upwards: Gina Hogan, Former Business Agility Consultant Appointed as CEO of Delta AI

Former Business Agility consultant, Gina Hogan has this week been appointed as the new Chief Executive Officer of Delta AI, a digital technology startup company backed by Mawson, Australia’s leading lab for artificial intelligence in the creative industries.

Delta AI is the future of automated social video analytics, their computer vision technology watches and understands social video at scale, to discover the 80% of video that’s invisible to traditional, text-based video search. Delta empowers marketers, IP holders and entertainment companies to measure true ROI on video campaigns, protect their IP, and leverage trends in audience interaction.

While we will miss Gina being a big part of the Business Agility family, we congratulate her and wish her only the very best in her exciting new adventure with Delta AI.

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