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Welcome To Our New Process, Systems & Efficiency Consultant: Jess Rea

In response to increased client demand in the area of business improvement & growth, Business Agility is delighted to announce that Jess Rea has joined our team as a Process, Systems & Efficiency Specialist.

Jess has had many years' experience in corporate environments, in the NFP sector and also in the construction and horticultural industries. She is a specialist in systems and efficiency and works with clients to find solutions that complement existing systems to suit their business goals and needs.  Jess has a Bachelor of Business Administration with a major in Management and has worked with Hilton Hotels, Soil Assist, the Cairns Chamber of Commerce and others. Read more about Jess here.

Jess will be working across a number of our business service areas, including:

What is 'Business Improvement'?

In a world of constant change, every business needs to regularly review their financials, operations, capabilities, systems and processes to ensure efficiency and ongoing sustainability. Many businesses have ‘bottlenecks’ that hinder productivity, which can reduce profitability. By working through the 'HOW,' Jess works with Business Agility clients to identify the 'WHY' (or the cause) of bottlenecks in business processes that are stifling productivity and profit.

Jess will be working with Business Agility clients to help them unlock their business growth potential by improving profitability and overall business performance through increased efficiency and productivity.

Learn How We can Help Your Business to Grow & Improve

We have a strong track record of helping clients, large and small, to increase profit and improve employee engagement by streamlining workflows, processes and systems. We can work alongside you, as your advisors, or as a project team, to identify your business' unique strengths and how to leverage them. We can support you to design new products / services, new digital systems and processes, new business growth strategies, new structures and new operating models.

We will also work with you to identify where business efficiency improvements could be made to improve productivity and profitability. Get your FREE Business Diagnostic here.

Learn More:

Welcome Jess, we are so glad to have you and your expertise on our team to add further value to our clients businesses. Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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